Torn World: Getting Started

Welcome to Torn World!

Torn World is a science fantasy shared world, created by ellenmillion and expanded by a host of talented writers, artists, poets and creators. New fiction and artwork is released most weekdays at our webpage, and you can also find a database of our characters, extensive reference articles, a map of the (known) world, a timeline of events, related collections (which you can sign up to 'watch!'), and a gallery of artwork.

Membership is open to readers over the age of 13 and creators over the age of 18. Membership is free, but there is also the option to become a supporter and gain access to even more material. Members can earn karma by commenting or creating material, which can be spent on access to extra stories, or gifted as a reward to other creators. A system of credits is also in place, to allow creators real financial reward. New readers are recommended to start here, and if you are interested in joining in creatively, you are encouraged to start here.

We've published an anthology of stories and a coloring book!

This Livejournal community is the place to play along with our monthly Muse Fusions, and get periodic notification about new fiction and artwork at the site, as well as a weekly spotlight and a (somewhat) weekly look at new or featured characters. It's also a place to read new material as we begin to release a major worldplot: the culture clash of the isolated Northern culture with the sprawling Empire to the south.

Meet other Torn World members at our meet-and-greet post!

Writing and Artwork Spotlight

I return! Time to spotlight the heck out of things!

Writing and Artwork Spotlight

Today it's both, as we spotlight the wonderful Everberries by Ellen Million, both the story and the illustration. A tale of the ties Northerners have within their age-set, brought to my mind because of the snow I got today at my house. Enjoy!