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Ellen Million

Community Paid Account expires in a week! Eek! Also, Sea Monster month and contest updates....

Our paid account expires on May 6th! The paid account allows visitors to see our pages without any of LJ's usual ads. (There are other perks, too, but that's the biggest.)

You can use LJ's service to add time to our account: http://torn-world.livejournal.com/profile (click on 'Gift' right after the date shown that our account expires!)

I will also accept Torn World or EMG credits towards renewing our paid account - you can use the Torn World page to send them to me, or just drop me a note and I can do it manually.

Thanks in advance!


In other news, we're gearing up to launch our annual Sea Monster Month tomorrow! Get ready for a salty month of adventure and scales and splashes. Creative contributors, we're especially interested in getting your sea monster artwork, stories, poetry and articles - come have fun participating in this yearly adventure!

(Read more about our sea monsters here!)


Our 'Amazing Critters of Torn World' contest ends tomorrow! Submit your meta-fiction, artwork, fiction or other creative media by midnight on the first (tomorrow night) to include it in this contest.


Results of our Fads and Fashions contest have been posted at the forums! Congratulations to ysabetwordsmith, wyld_dandelyon, haunted_blood and Erica L.! They get to choose some nifty prizes from our contest prize pool!


Our next contest is open to any member of Torn World - not limited to artists and writers. We want your comments! There are two ways to win:

  • Leave a really awesome comment (super nice, funny, or helpful... awesome is subjective!) and be nominated for the 'Awesome Comment' award. Any comments posted before the end of May are eligible, including those already posted to the site. Anyone may nominate any comments (on their own work, or not). Nominations will be collected until one week past the end of May (June 8, 2012).

  • Post more comments during the month of May than any other user. If you post to every piece of fiction, poetry or artwork on the site that you did not create, you are an automatic winner in this category - more than one winner is possible!

    What will you get? Winners in each category will pick from our contest prizes: http://www.tornworld.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=134

    You'll also automatically net karma with each comment you place - 5 points each! And, you will receive a graphic on your member page at the site praising your accomplishments.

    Want to get started? All you have to do is register at the site in order to comment. Registration is free!


    Last, but not least, don't forget to vote for us at Top Web Fiction! (It really helps our visibility and nets us new viewers!)
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