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muse fusion press

ellenmillion in torn_world

June Muse Fusion! Go!

Comment here with prompts for our Torn World writing, arting, and creating team!

We're standing by to write and draw furiously to your prompts, starting today (now!), running through the weekend and closing on Monday at noon (Alaska time). As a prompter or a creator, you may hop in for a few moments in this window of time, or throw yourself all-out at the Fusion for the full time!
Closed! Thanks for playing!

Prompts: Let us know what you want to see! Do you want to know what a character's opinion on a subject is? Want to see a particular plant or animal in action? Maybe you'd like to hear a dialogue between two characters on a particular topic! A prompt can be specific, or general. One-word prompts are welcome, as are picture prompts, or links. Cross-over fanfiction can be requested, though not all participants may be interested in creating it. The only major restriction for prompts is that they should be appropriate to Torn World. You may treat it like a Q&A session - where you get your answers in fiction, artwork and poetry instead of just a boring answer. (Though you may get a straight answer, also, and you may get links to stories or articles that already address your question.) You do not need to be a member of, or familiar with, Torn World to leave a generic prompt. Something like 'a spring day' or 'something green' is plenty specific, or you can make a general theme request like 'a body-positive story' or 'a story about lost children.' You can also ask a specific question, like 'how the heck do you groom a giant furry unicorn?'

Feel free to leave more than one prompt; we try to ensure that everyone gets one prompt answered, and that's easier if you leave us some choices.

Drafts: Please keep in mind that rough drafts created from our Muse Fusion will be going through a review process to maintain overall world continuity - any drafts shared with you during the Muse Fusion may be changed before being posted as canon contributions. Writers are encouraged to share drafts with prompters, and post public excerpts to give a taste of what they're working on.

Chat: Also, you are welcome to join us in chat while we create, in this chat room, here. Or, join the #tornworld channel via IRC on the starchat.net server. I will be dropping in throughout the weekend as Elsa lets me! Use the dropdown to make a noise if you join and no one says hello - sometimes we're busy creating in another window... (The chat relies on java and unfortunately does not work in Safari. Some sounds are only available through the javachat option, not IRC.)

Ready? Set? Go!


Something featuring a Northern Game: http://www.tornworld.net/settingpageview.php?id=144
(or one not listed there!)

A vignette from the POV of someone being evacuated from the City of Lights.

Something involving or referring to Neri, brewmistress of the north. http://www.tornworld.net/settingpageview.php?id=76

A Gift of Time
A Sweet Bead


Based on the evacuation prompt, I wrote "Nomess Mithoirarv," about a young man and his daughter fleeing the City of Lights after it turned hope into despair.

700 words, Buy It Now = $7 or 7 Torn World credits
I didn't have any other prompts to work on when I started, so I used my own and wrote something about Lenarai and Areluu's age-set choosing a game to play. http://www.tornworld.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=1036 (if you are a contributor!) Winning the Game is 666 words, by my program's count... :P

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"A Gift of Time" turned into a poem, the freebie for this session.

Unseen Perils

I also used your prompt for the evacuation of The City of Lights and wrote a 2150 word story called Unseen Perils. It is not available for sponsorship at this time, as I'm submitting it to an outside market in hopes of increasing our readership.


Image Prompts:
An early mass-production printing press.
Some Duurludirj style fabrics.
A Northern basket.
Fingerless mittens.
Broken spruce tree grazed by an Other.

Title Prompts:
Falling Into Light
When Fashion Is Wrong
The Smoking Valley
How Snow-Cat Learned To Make Felt
The Axebeaks Are Coming

Text Prompts:
"Run for the lowlands," she urged him.
A license press breaks down.
"That spear will never fly," he said.
A ship is lost at sea.
"Science has an explanation for everything," the Science Masters said, "except for this."

Prompts for Artists

One of our currently open ccontests is to give characters who have no portrait a face, so here are some candidates:

Kalitelm http://www.tornworld.aernet/members/cisdisplay.php?id=31
Ashegoi http://www.tornworld.net/members/cisdisplay.php
Gliffana (Lalya's Mother) http://www.tornworld.net/members/cisdisplay.php
Yarleda http://www.tornworld.net/members/cisdisplay.php
Dlujan http://www.tornworld.net/members/cisdisplay.php

Dini (Dini is slender and short and likes broad bracelets and arm bands. Dini is attractive, but not very masculine looking. His features are delicate and regular, well suited to the position of female character actor. He has a very winning smile, and a sweet tenor voice.) You could show Dini onstage in women's clothing (he is a female role actor) or dressed for the street in mens wear.

Or go here: http://www.tornworld.net/cisintro.php and check out any of the other characters behind the links at bottom of the the page.

Admittedly, people are hard. (At least, I think they are.) You could also show us some unique animals, landscapes, or even fashions!

Mythical Creatures in Torn World Tales
Fighting and Riding flightless birds.

Re: Prompts for Artists

From the prompt about flightless birds, I got the poem "Birds of War." It's written in unrhymed quatrains and describes the cavalry of Roluma.

32 lines, Buy It Now = $7.50

Prompts for Writers

The most wonderful sunrise
Fever Dreams
Gossip about Dini and Lalya's Wedding
A Baby's Sleep Schedule
Toddlers Toddlers Everywhere
First Day of School
A Perfect Day


I'll take the first day of school prompt, for Bai and Rai in Fifth Form.


I've been seeing bingo cards of prompts and wanted to try this for Torn World. Like ordinary bingo, you try to fill a set of five spaces horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. What counts? A story or vignette at least 250 words, a poem, a sketch, an icon, or some other creative content. I have lots of karma points, so I'll offer 25 karma to anyone who calls bingo on this. I've made cards for the North and the South.

Northern Bingo!
snow-unicorns age-sets Itakith rangers eternal soup
clothing cache the Others domestics whalebears summer gather
Amukiiron necklaces Wild Card space! Itrelir furshirts
adulthood tests Itadesh puppets bowering Smokewater Valley
Combing Day raisers beads story bread spruce beer

Southern Bingo!
Duurludirj licenses skycats firolk Crystal Desert
anomalies blinkbirds Mayaloi guilds dream rash
no-gender Raalyan Wild Card space! deathfins fashion colors
axebeaks science time crystals nutterjell Mruuna
the Rim tattoos railcars Glifai dapple dogs

Edited at 2012-06-30 07:45 pm (UTC)

Re: Prompts

Oo, what a fun idea!


Hailstones as big as turtle eggs!

The forbidden color


southern lights

Affair with a married man

Re: Prompts

From the prompt about hailstones, I got the poem "Changes in the Wind" which is written in unrhymed quatrains. It tells about a falling barrier and violent weather.

12 lines, Buy It Now = $5 or 5 Torn World credits

In Honor of the Holidays

Full moons