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New This Week at Torn World

New Stories

Alligator's First Midsummer Dance by Deirdre Murphy.
It is the custom in the Riilass Swamps to dance on the Summer Solstice. But for some reason, no one wants to dance with Alligator.

Band of Ivory by Lorna Cowie.
Lenarai gets something more than she bargained for when making a deal with Tekoth!

New Poetry

When The Starflowers Bloom by Deirdre Murphy. - Supporters only!
A poem describing a beautiful early spring day in the north.

Stillborn Dreams by Deirdre Murphy. - Supporters only!
The paper of the license is crisp, new The ink pungent, purest black She lays it under her pillow Like a good luck charm ...

New Artwork

Log in to view new work in the non-canon gallery!

New Articles

A new Start Here! page for people who might be interested in joining the site as a contributor.

New references on the Torn Tongue Language and Parts of Speech (part 1) from Elizabeth Barrette.

Silk-hares written and illustrated by Ally Loughrin. - Registered readers only!

Snow-cats by Deirdre Murphy and Elizabeth Barrette. - Registered readers only!

Creating a Northern Character - Registered readers only!

New characters:

Two new characters, Areluu and Olarali, have been approved and adopted by Lorna Cowie.

Tekoth is available for adoption again!

Also new and available for adoption are: Iremima, Dorje and Tetefii.
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