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muse fusion press

ellenmillion in torn_world

Muse Fusion for January, 2015 - starting now!

Comment here with prompts for our Torn World writing, arting, and creating team!

We're standing by to write and draw furiously to prompts, starting today (now!), running through the weekend and closing on Monday at noon (Alaska time). As a prompter or a creator, you may hop in for a few moments in this window of time, or throw yourself all-out at the Fusion for the full time!

Suggestion: For this Muse Fusion, to get us back on track (it's been a while since we had one of these!), I am making two suggestions:

One, mine prompts from Sketch Fest! This prompt-based event is aimed at visual artists, but writers may get juicy ideas, too. Sketch Fest is not limited to Torn World, so not all the prompts may apply easily, but there will be plenty of generic or broad topics to pick from.

Two, let us know what you're working on! Do you have a project in progress right now? Are you stuck? Do you have a few story ideas, but aren't sure what to pursue? Let's start a conversation - maybe we can help you get past a plot hole, or express excitement about a story idea that will help you get started. The point of Muse Fusion is to fuel creativity - it doesn't haven't to be from specific prompts if you'd rather put that energy into an in-progress project. We'll cheer you on!

Prompts: Let us know what you want to see! Do you want to know what a character's opinion on a subject is? Want to see a particular plant or animal in action? Maybe you'd like to hear a dialogue between two characters on a particular topic! A prompt can be specific, or general. One-word prompts are welcome, as are picture prompts, or links. Cross-over fanfiction can be requested, though not all participants may be interested in creating it. The only major restriction for prompts is that they should be appropriate to Torn World. You may treat it like a Q&A session - where you get your answers in fiction, artwork and poetry instead of just a boring answer. (Though you may get a straight answer, also, and you may also get links to stories or articles that already address your question.) You do not need to be a member of, or familiar with, Torn World to leave a generic prompt. Something like 'a spring day' or 'something green' is plenty specific, or you can make a general theme request like 'a body-positive story' or 'a story about lost children.' You can also ask a specific question, like 'how the heck do you groom a giant furry unicorn?'

Feel free to leave more than one prompt; we try to ensure that everyone gets one prompt answered, and that's easier if you leave us some choices.

Note that May will be Sea Monster month again. Prompts that can be used with this theme may be particularly inviting to creators who are thinking ahead!

Creators: Use the prompts as a jumping-off point for art, poetry, stories, vignettes, meta-fiction articles... or even just sit and brainstorm answers! There is no time limit for each piece you work on, it doesn't have to be canon, and you don't have to finish within the window of the Muse Fusion (though it does keep some of the energy of the event up if you reply to the prompt and let us know what you've started!). You are invited to use crowdfunding or ask for sponsorship of your work. Anyone may participate in Muse Fusions, but if you use Torn World base material, you are bound by our contributor guidelines.

Drafts: Please keep in mind that rough drafts created from our Muse Fusion will be going through a review process to maintain overall world continuity - any drafts shared with you during the Muse Fusion may be changed before being posted as canon contributions. Writers are encouraged to share drafts with prompters, and post public excerpts to give a taste of what they're working on. Additionally, registered readers who give prompts that result in finished work will be listed as 'inspiration' at our site and have access to those supporters-only pieces that they've spawned!

Chat: You are welcome to join us in chat while we create, in this chat room, here. Or, join the #tornworld channel via IRC on the starchat.net server. I will drop in if I can! Use the dropdown to make a noise if you join and no one says hello - sometimes we're busy creating in another window... (The chat relies on java and unfortunately does not work in Safari. Some sounds are only available through the javachat option, not IRC.)

Ready? Set? Go!



Toxic ruins (underwater?)

Food for the road

Licensing for a new time crystal appliance


I'm looking forward to Sea Monster month! No particular ideas, but I do have this sketch started: http://www.tornworld.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=1179

Rails: I have the next story half plotted out in my head. But I'm not sure where a scene should happen... somewhere in Affamarg, but I'd like to not overuse Lassati's. It could be anywhere public where Ressa might be. Ideas?

Birka, Tiren and Anler go south. This is the BIG project, of course, and I'm finding it intimidating and am not sure how to jump back into it creatively.

An article on the Roluma is overdue! Also, an article on the Great War that recently passed...

What would you most like to see?


Your toxic ruins prompt inspired the story "Broken Hopes." Nobaira deals with the aftermath of a stillbirth.

1705 words, to be posted as today's freebie

no chat for me, I guess

The link to the chat gets me a mostly blank page and the information that I need "a plugin" to access this material. It doesn't say which plugin, even. Sigh.

I am in the _old_ chat room, though.


"Broken Hopes" has been posted.

Sunset Showoff

For Sea-Monster Month, I did a sketch!

It's over here for comments at Torn World, and in a bit I'll put it in my LJ and Sketchfest so other folks can see too, though Sketchfest will get a less-completed version.



Video Prompt:
Just replace this hippo with a trapjaw or whalebear.

Image Prompts:
Northern springtime
Toddler in tidepoolHand-dyed fabrics

Title Prompts:
The Smartest Arm
How Skycat Learned the Names of the Wind
The Lost Bead

Text Prompts:
The challenges of getting back in shape for ranger work after childbirth.
A paper on edible and otherwise useful seaweeds of the Empire.
Studying creatures influenced by boundaries, time crystals, or related phenomena -- border chicory, blinkbirds, etc.

Re: Prompts

Tackling the lost bead prompt!

Re: Prompts

I used The Lost Bead in conjunction with the Thimbleful Thursday writing prompt to get a flashfiction of 200 words: Icing on the cake. It will be publicly available once I give it a polish!

Prompts etc!


Dye for dinner.
Sharp edges.
Last leaf of winter.
Changing a name.
Flute holes.
No reason to go on.
Unique, just like snowflakes.

Gilding and jewellery metalwork.
Tipcard designs.
Working glass.

Artistic endeavours to illustrate my new story The Bargaining of Beads. Snippet of it is here: http://www.tornworld.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=1182 (Can be PM'ed on request).

Olarali and the ombre silk fiasco.

A visitor at the House of Scarlet Wings designs jewellery.

More depth of how make up is created.


Re: Prompts etc!

I read through the draft on the forums, and I WANT THOSE TIPCARDS. *covetcovetcovet*

Is Olarali planning to sell them on the gray market to fund her purchase? Or do you think Effa is a collector and willing to bargain with them under the table?

For 'Seamstresses,' and the prompt 'A Worn Out Coat' at Sketch Fest, I drew Linafaar:

Absolutely wretched phone photo - I will replace with a scan as soon as I can! Scanned!

Edited at 2015-01-24 05:52 am (UTC)

Re: Prompts etc!

This is really beautiful! With the tip cards, it is my aim that Effa is a collector and will bargain for them.

Re: Prompts etc!

"Brewing Beauty" is up, based on your makeup prompt.

Re: Prompts etc!

Flute holes got me this sketch!


eggs in the sand
A clear, sunny day on the water
The mother of the youngest baby
Look--silk hare kits!
skycat kittens in the license office
Skycat and the Sea Monster
spiders and snakes are less trouble than those crop-eaters!
dancing shoes

Re: Prompts

Taking the silk-hare kit prompt!

Re: Prompts

Combined with the Sketch Fest prompt "bunny love." It is for sale there: http://ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/sketchfestart.php?id=16447

Re: Prompts


Re: Prompts

Your skykitten prompt inspired the story "Little Paws in the Licenses" and is a sequel to "Raining Kittens." Bai and Alikara go to the Licensing Office and find chaos.

1504 words, Buy It Now = $45.12

Re: Prompts

Marvelous! I look forward to reading it.
A sketch for this is started!


Thank you so much!

Approval for the use of Bai?


Tentative approval of Bai - I want to give it a better read when I'm not on my phone holding a toddler off with one hand. :P I did get a little art time at my gaming session today, though.

Here's the ink version!

The Sketch Fest prompt 'happy little trees' inspired this:

I'd like to color it.

Edited at 2015-01-25 03:46 am (UTC)


That's adorable!