Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote in torn_world,
Ellen Million

Last week, at Torn World!

Some older concept art from ellenmillion that can be found in the non-canon gallery.

Mourning Dancer, a story by haunted_blood.
When Areluu thinks herself alone, perhaps she is not. (Part of the Itadesh fire aftermath)

Winter Follies, a poem by wyld_dandelyon.
Even a simple trip to quench your thirst can be an adventure when you leave the herd in the very long, midwinter night.

Faajaffug - a brief article on this very important city.

Stay tuned this week for another of our Musical Instrument contest entries, more stories of the aftermath of Itadesh, and a new character!

Welcome to new reader laffingkat! Thank you for nominating us for the Rose and Bay awards!
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