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sea monster month

ellenmillion in torn_world

Sea Monster Month Wrap-Up

I declare Sea Monster Month terrific fun and a great success. We may have to make every May Sea Monster Month!

What did we get for the month? Let's see...


Forbidden Love by Elizabeth Barrette (and sponsored by MG Ellington): Gludara meets the great love of her life -- and he isn't what anyone expects, and her family would hate him if they knew about him.

What a Warsailor Has to Be by Ellen Million: A warsailor has to be wary and canny...

Storm Wrack by Deirdre M. Murphy: The people in the town Ferelye was born in are uncomfortable with no-gender people, and as Ferelye gets older, ur spends more and more time hiding out on a tall cliff near roi home.

Tides of Blood and Music by Ellen Million (only public until the end of today, unless sponsored for $15!): A warsailor widow finds it hard to go on.

Without Fail by Elizabeth Barrette, illustrated by Marika Purisima: Warsailor Brelig meets License Master Alaaffi on a cruise ship.

Velvet Monsters and Ribbon Waves, written and illustrated by Deirdre M. Murphy (this story is for subscribers only, and also appears in the Family Ties and Torn Skies anthology!): When their mainland teacher walks out in anger, Nefessa and her Duurludirj classmates must decide what to do about the assignment.


Surprises at Sea by Deirdre M. Murphy: Sailing in the oceans of Torn World is dangerous; you never know what you'll come across once you're out of view of the continent. (subscribers only!)

The Sea Calls, How Can We Not Answer? by Deirdre M. Murphy: This is a traditional poem of the Duurludirj people, embodying their relationship to the sea, with all of "her" beauty, bounty, and danger. (subscribers only!)

Grandma Loved the Sea by Deirdre Murphy: This traditional Irfai tale features their cultural appreciation for hyperbole and hints at their tendency to look at fighting sea monsters as a hero's quest. (subscribers only!)

The Shipwright's Song by Elizabeth Barrette: A shipwright sings of pride in workmanship. (subscribers only!)


Artwork from Deirdre Murphy, Peggy B., Ellen Million, Marika Purisima, Lorna Cowie and Jenny Heidewald:


These articles were written by Elizabeth Barrette, with editing, development and illustration by Ellen Million, Deirdre Murphy, Peggy Benisch, and Lorna Cowie:

Sea Monsters: An Introduction
Sea Monsters of the Easter Seas
Sea Monsters of the Northern Waters
Sea Monsters of the Interior Seas
Sea Monsters of the Central Gulf
Sea Monsters of the Southern Waters
Sea Monsters in the West

Drill Barnacles: Not a 'monster,' exactly, but definitely a monstrous ocean pest!
Dreamskates: A dangerous and - fortunately! - uncommon sea monster similar to a giant ray.
The Ring Leech: A lamprey-like parasite that can grow to 10 feet long.
Giant Sea Turtle: The giant sea turtle is a medium-size omnivore (where medium-sized can grow to 40 feet!), adaptable to many marine habitats.
The Weed-Eater: A smaller herbivore among the sea monsters.
The Smartarm: A sea monster similar to earth's legends of the kraken.
Sea Serpents: A giant sea snake predator.
Thunder-Whale: The thunder-whale is the biggest Torn World omnivore, at 100-110 feet.
Heat-Thief: A reptilian northern predator that grows to 80 feet.
Deathfin: A long-necked predator of the southern seas that is a leading cause of injury and death among warsailors.
Snagtooth: A dolphin-shaped, armored sea monster with large, curling rear teeth.
Blimpfish: A medium-size herbivore who thinks mid-sized boats look sexy.
Jellyriggers: An advanced type of toxic jellyfish that grows to 45 feet.
Harpoon Snails: Large snail-like predator.


Dlujan, a normal-sized (dwarf) Duurludirj man. He currently studies how to kill sea monsters at the University of Affamarg. Created by Elizabeth Barrette.


Geographic Vocabulary for Water Bodies
We're also partway through a list of sea monster vocabulary - watch this LJ community for updates on Friday from Elizabeth!

Although Sea Monster Month is trailing to a close, we've still got a few more sea monster treats coming next month for you, including a few more creatures, a cultural group called the Irfai who also battle sea monsters (though in a very different way than the Duurludirj), and some more artwork, poetry and fiction. We'll also be resuming the Wild Snowy Chase, finding out more about the Itadesh fire aftermath, following Lalya's journey towards becoming a licensed woman, learning more about the childhoods of Eshra, Bai, Rai, Ressa and Kunabei, going on an adventure with Fala and Dareg, and enjoying artwork from Layla Lawlor, Jenny Heidewald, Ellen Million, Deirdre Murphy, Laura Melis, and Lorna Cowie... and that's just what's already been approved! Our Muse Fusion is scheduled for June 24-27!

And, a very warm welcome to new members Amy Harlib, Edward Cammarota, Daniela Stanikova and Clare K. R. Miller!


I'm glad you posted this--I was going to do the Tuesday Spotlight and was trying to figure out how to cram all the excellent writing and artwork into one post! I think we can let this stand as the Seamonster Spotlight, though!

And Sea Monster month was EXCELLENT! I'd say we should have it EVERY month, but then we wouldn't have room for all the other nifty things in Torn World!
This stands quite well! :)

And YAY! I'm glad other folks enjoyed Sea Monster Month as much as I did. :) (I've already, very sneakily, made the May 2012 EMG-Zine theme 'Sea Monsters,' and will continue to infect the idea elsewhere, also...)


I'm glad this worked out so well. I think that doing a couple of themed months per year would be cool. One on temporal phenomena (time crystals, the Others, etc.) would help flesh out another big part of Torn World that is unique to this setting.

Re: Yay!

I agree! I'm thinking that September or October might be a good month for that... once I've recovered a little from this one, but before the November/December madness. I've already made next May's EMG-Zine theme 'Sea Monsters.' :)

Re: Yay!

>> I'm thinking that September or October might be a good month for that... once I've recovered a little from this one, but before the November/December madness.<<

That sounds good.

>> I've already made next May's EMG-Zine theme 'Sea Monsters.' <<

We might also consider doing a "Sea Monsters" anthology, or include a SM section in an adventure anthology.