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muse fusion press

ellenmillion in torn_world

Muse Fusion - go!

Comment here with prompts for our Torn World writing, arting, and creating team!

We're standing by to write and draw furiously to your prompts, starting today (now!), running through the weekend and closing on Monday at noon (Alaska time). As a prompter or a creator, you may hop in for a few moments in this window of time, or throw yourself all-out at the Fusion for the full time!
We're closed now - thanks for playing along!

Prompts: Let us know what you want to see! Do you want to know what a character's opinion on a subject is? Want to see a particular plant or animal in action? Maybe you'd like to hear a dialogue between two characters on a particular topic! A prompt can be specific, or general. One-word prompts are welcome, as are picture prompts, or links. Cross-over fanfiction can be requested, though not all participants may be interested in creating it. The only major restriction for prompts is that they should be appropriate to Torn World. You may treat it like a Q&A session - where you get your answers in fiction, artwork and poetry instead of just a boring answer. (Though you may get a straight answer, also, and you may get links to stories or articles that already address your question.) You do not need to be a member of, or familiar with, Torn World to leave a generic prompt. Something like 'a spring day' or 'something green' is plenty specific, or you can make a general theme request like 'a body-positive story' or 'a story about lost children.'

Feel free to leave more than one prompt; we try to ensure that everyone gets one prompt answered, and that's easier if you leave us some choices.

Drafts: Please keep in mind that rough drafts created from our Muse Fusion will be going through a review process to maintain overall world continuity - any drafts shared with you during the Muse Fusion may be changed before being posted as canon contributions.

Chat: Also, you are welcome to join us in chat while we create, in this chat room, here. Or, join the #tornworld channel via IRC on the starchat.net server. I will be dropping in throughout the weekend as I am able! Use the dropdown to make a noise if you join and no one says hello - sometimes we're busy creating in another window... (The chat relies on java and unfortunately does not work in Safari. Some sounds are only available through the javachat option, not IRC.)

Incentives: This month, I'm offering incentives to increase participation! I will be giving out 1 point of karma for every prompt left, up to 10 points per prompter! Work that makes it through the canon board already gets karma, so I'm donating a character sketch to each contributor who gets their Fusion-inspired work submitted before Monday, September 26th. You can choose a sketch of your own character, or one of your choice. (Simple facial study only!)

Ready? Set? Go!

Note that our icon is by meeksp and is available at the Torn World site, along with another Muse Fusion icon: http://www.tornworld.net/artpageview.php?id=256


fire dancer
dream come true
"There's a storm a-coming."
*stakes a claim on fire dancer*


From the storm prompt I got the poem "Pull Your Ropes," a Duurludirj sea chantey. I'll post that as tonight's freebie.
I've got about a thousand words on a story based on the storm-a-coming, but it's very rough still, and having chatted with Ellen, it has some canon problems that will require substantially rewriting it.
Did Iremima ever run into Umini as a grownup? http://www.tornworld.net/storypageview.php?id=209

Brewing in the north, perhaps referencing Neri: http://www.tornworld.net/settingpageview.php?id=76

The Festival of Combs: http://www.tornworld.net/settingpageview.php?id=42

Kalitelm and Dlameda when Kalitelm is first learning healing.

Jrilii and Vlanir's summer together. From Valnir's character sheet: Vlanir fell in love with Jrilii in the summer of 1519, but was too shy to even offer her a child's affection dangle. http://www.tornworld.net/members/cisdisplay.php?id=117

Edited at 2011-09-16 08:22 pm (UTC)


I'll take the one about Kalitelm and Dlameda.


Image Prompts:

Title Prompts:
"The Lost Shoe"
"Butter and Milk"
"How Glider Learned to Fly (Almost)"
"Tacking Against the Wind"
"Interest of Conflicts"

Text Prompts
The last piece of candy
Snow-unicorn tack in need of repair
A toddler and a pot of honey
People fighting over a limited-supply license
Fishhooks and memories
A Yasiluu messenger dog, waiting to be given an assignment

Edited at 2011-09-17 12:19 am (UTC)

Re: Prompts

I've got a sketch finished for the Yasiluu messenger dog! :)

A few prompts

Drawing prompt: An apple orchard that was left to grow wild, and in it, a striped mama bear with two cubs. (Yes, there's a story for this to go with!)



A bar fight

Using science to win a bet

One Part Too Many

The Biggest Fish Hook

The Importance of Following The Recipe

Insect Invasion

An accidental encounter at the Leather Shop

Drawing prompt: Filor playing in one of Dini's wigs

Being Different

Re: A few prompts

The prompt "Jugglers" turned into a poem of the same name, about a group of Entertainers performing where people can see them.

25 lines, Buy It Now = $5

Re: A few prompts

Many awesome ideas here - I hope I have some writing or drawing time tomorrow!
The unbearable cuteness of certain critters
The Majestic View
After the Storm
Summer's Passing
Harvest Time
It's the Little things
Energetically Still
Raring to Go
It followed her home

I have an idea for Despair, but it's not flowing. I guess I should sleep on it.
Wyld_Dandelyon gave me a gentle reminder to come over and leave a prompt. I'm tired-brain addled so will leave a couple prompts.

1) The Bread of Life (either pict or poem)
2) Here are a couple image-prompts. I've never done one of these before so I hope it's ok:
- http://outdoors.webshots.com/photo/2805279560012303101pyuoWp
- (this one I chose inspired by Ysabetwordsmith's Sea Chantey) http://outdoors.webshots.com/photo/2016062480012303101Wocvlk

An Irfai Lullabye

The cool boat led to An Irfai Lullabye, which shall be my freebie for this month. Thanks for stopping by!