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Torn World contest: Fashions and Fads

We're gearing up to run contests at Torn World again! Our next contest will be 'Fashions and Fads,' and will run until Feb 1 (Midnight, Alaska time).

There are four categories, and you may enter as many submissions in each as you wish: Fiction, Poetry, Artwork and Meta-Fiction.

Fiction covers stories, short stories, flash fiction, drabbles and even novellas.
Poetry may be rhymed or un-rhymed, a particular structure of poetry, or free verse, of any length.
Artwork may be any media (including textile work and sculpture), but must be submitted as a .jpg file, no more than 700 pixels on the longest side.
Meta-fiction covers resource articles (ie: traditional clothing of the Mruuna, or current teenage fads in the Empire).

Submissions shall be entered at the webpage, just as a usual submission would be. Use the 'Notes to the Canon Board' field to indicate that your piece is meant as a submission to this contest. (As with all submissions, only registered creative contributors may submit work. Registration is free, you just have to agree to our terms!)

Three awards will be voted on by the canon board in each category. (1st - 3rd place) The 1st place winner will receive a prize from our donated prize selection! However, each entrant may only receive one prize per contest, and a maximum of two prizes per 6 month period. They may place up to two times in any category if there are less than 5 entrants, but only once if there are more than 5 entrants.

The canon board reserves the right to award an extra prize for exceptional work.

Judging is done on the following criteria:

Quality (1-40 points): How skilled is the work?
Creativity (1-40 points): How awesome is the idea behind this piece?
Timely bonus (10 points): Have your work edited by Feb 1. You can get this bonus one of two ways: submit flawless work that does not require editing by Feb 1, or submit your work a week or two in advance of the deadline and get your edits made on or before Feb 1.
Collaboration bonus (1-10 points): Post your works in progress to the board for some peer discussion. Comment on other folks' work! Collaborate with someone to do related work - draw a picture for someone's story, or write a poem based on someone's meta-fiction article. (You can also pick something from the archives to build off of!)

Collaborative submissions and ties are possible.

Suggested topics:

Meta-fiction: Traditional clothing, hairstyles or jewelry of (specific assimilated culture). Current trends regarding fads and fashions in the Empire. A non-fiction look at the influences brought into the north by the discovery of Lichenwold, or by meeting the Empire explorers. Architectural trends. Dance styles of an area. Popular literature of an area or era.

Fiction and poetry: Stories about the teal dye from Lichenwold - either developing the dye, or its popularity. Laisesu's role as a trend-setter in the north. An expansion of the mention in a Girls' Day Shopping (pt 2) regarding the 'wraith dance,' a soft-balled version of the Kiffumiyi whistle ball dance. Coveting something fashionable but expensive or rare. Learning a popular dance. The feuding of two theatres or dance groups who are trying to set trends.

Artwork: Clothing! Hairstyles! Architecture! Jewelry! Make a costume!

Feel free to ask questions, discuss topics, make suggestions or ask for advice!
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