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sea monster month

Sea Monster Month Muse Fusion!

Comment here with prompts for our Torn World writing, arting, and creating team!

We're standing by to write and draw furiously to prompts, starting today (now!), running through the weekend and closing on Monday at noon (Alaska time). As a prompter or a creator, you may hop in for a few moments in this window of time, or throw yourself all-out at the Fusion for the full time!
Closed now!

May is Sea Monster Month! You may focus your prompts and creative work on this topic, or work on other things that inspire you. But beware... there might be tentacles in anything... You can read stories and see artwork about the sea monsters of Torn World here!

Prompts: Let us know what you want to see! Do you want to know what a character's opinion on a subject is? Want to see a particular plant or animal in action? Maybe you'd like to hear a dialogue between two characters on a particular topic! A prompt can be specific, or general. One-word prompts are welcome, as are picture prompts, or links. Cross-over fanfiction can be requested, though not all participants may be interested in creating it. The only major restriction for prompts is that they should be appropriate to Torn World. You may treat it like a Q&A session - where you get your answers in fiction, artwork and poetry instead of just a boring answer. (Though you may get a straight answer, also, and you may also get links to stories or articles that already address your question.) You do not need to be a member of, or familiar with, Torn World to leave a generic prompt. Something like 'a spring day' or 'something green' is plenty specific, or you can make a general theme request like 'a body-positive story' or 'a story about lost children.' You can also ask a specific question, like 'how the heck do you groom a giant furry unicorn?'

Feel free to leave more than one prompt; we try to ensure that everyone gets one prompt answered, and that's easier if you leave us some choices.

Creators: Use the prompts as a jumping-off point for art, poetry, stories, vignettes, meta-fiction articles... or even just sit and brainstorm answers! There is no time limit for each piece you work on, it doesn't have to be canon, and you don't have to finish within the window of the Muse Fusion (though it does keep some of the energy of the event up if you reply to the prompt and let us know what you've started!). You are invited to use crowdfunding or ask for sponsorship of your work. Anyone may participate in Muse Fusions, but if you use Torn World base material, you are bound by our contributor guidelines.

Drafts: Please keep in mind that rough drafts created from our Muse Fusion will be going through a review process to maintain overall world continuity - any drafts shared with you during the Muse Fusion may be changed before being posted as canon contributions. Writers are encouraged to share drafts with prompters, and post public excerpts to give a taste of what they're working on. Additionally, registered readers who give prompts that result in finished work will be listed as 'inspiration' at our site and have access to those supporters-only pieces that they've spawned!

Chat: You are welcome to join us in chat while we create, in this chat room, here. This is an Ellen Million Graphics chatroom, and you will need an EMG login (Sketch Fest/lilypad/Portrait adoption) I will drop in if I can!

Ready? Set? Go!


Muse Fusion Update

You've got until the end of the month to get your entries in to be eligible for prizes, but I thought it would be a good idea to check in and see how things were going!

Activity seems a lot slower than usual - Deirdre mentioned at the forums that there was less of a fusion feeling than usual. Any ideas for how to get around that? Want to check in and chat about your progress here?

We've got three fills declared so far! http://torn-world.livejournal.com/191697.html
Number 1 Dog Ribbon


I woke up to not one, but THREE Bingos! You guys are awesome! What's more, 7 creators have provided fills... and three more have claims. So, you guys have earned your prizes, AND your prompter prizes!


There are only two squares without claims! Just seven more fills gives us a complete blackout, which doubles all prizes (within reason... more details on that later!).

All of Elizabeth's donated sponsorships have been unlocked... except the one that hinges on the blackout!


When all squares are claimed, I will unscreen the original prompts and folks can treat the rest of the weekend like a regular Muse Fusion. You may also work to prompts someone else has claimed or even filled - it's fun to see what different people come up with from the same seed!
muse fusion hourglass

Muse Fusion - update!

It's been SO much fun watching our Bingo card turn colors as people make claims and fills! We are getting very close to a Bingo in several directions... and it's looking possible we'll even get to a blackout!

I've added the following items to the rules in our Muse Fusion post:

Can I claim the Free Space? That space is a free fill - nothing has to be done for that square to count towards a bingo. (We may change this in future Muse Fusions!)

Does it have to be canon to count for a fill? Nope! While we encourage you to polish your piece, we will count things towards the bingo that include non-canon features, or aren't quite finished enough to be canon. You can have fun with the Muse Fusion without worrying about whether or not you get the details exactly right. If you want, the canon board can work with you later to fix anything, or we can post it to the site as non-canon!

I hope you guys are having as much fun with this as I am. :) I have ideas for how to make the Bingo card more automated and even more fun, if we decide to do this again.
muse fusion press

Muse Fusion - go!

Our Bingo card has been released! http://www.tornworld.net/bingo.php


How do I claim a prompt? Just comment below saying which prompt you'd like to claim. The card will be updated as soon as I can get to it.

How many claims can I make? Just one at a time! Once you've filled your claim, you can claim another!

What happens if a prompt is claimed twice? Er, hopefully that won't happen, but I'll take the first one and let the second one know as soon as possible.

Can I claim my own prompt? That is discouraged, but if it's the last one to fill a Bingo, I'm not going to quibble. You are not eligible for the prompter prize, if you do.

I made a claim, but I'm just NOT inspired (or suddenly too busy, or...). While we don't want people making claims and backing out, that is far preferable to making a claim and simply not filling it. Just let me know and your claim will be removed.

Does it matter if my claim isn't in a row with others? Although we'll be trying very hard to get a bingo, it's still useful if you fill a different square - you'll be adding to our creator count, and towards a blackout!

Can I claim the Free Space? That space is a free fill - nothing has to be done for that square to count towards a bingo. (We may change this in future Muse Fusions!)


What's a fill? A fill can be a finished sketch, a poem, a short story, an article, or even a craft.

How long to I get to make a fill? Fills have to be declared by the end of Monday, April 21.

How finished does it have to be? You can report a fill as soon as you have a rough draft; it's okay if you want to make edits later, or take a piece of artwork to the next level later. If you start something and realize it's a very long story (for example), you can declare a fill when you get to a chapter break or first installment. A sketch should be something worth submitting - something finished, not just a rough gesture sketch. A craft may be the first stage of something (unfired ceramics, for example).

How do I declare a fill? Report it here, in reply to your claim! Give us a title and word or line count for writing, plus a little summary. A photo or scan of an image is great for arts and crafts, or just let us know what you've done and what media it is.

Does it have to be canon to count for a fill? Nope! While we encourage you to polish your piece, we will count things towards the bingo that include non-canon features, or aren't quite finished enough to be canon. You can have fun with the Muse Fusion without worrying about whether or not you get the details exactly right. If you want, the canon board can work with you later to fix anything, or we can post it to the site as non-canon!


When do we see prizes? Prizes become visible when a fill is declared.

When do we earn prizes? Creator prizes are only awarded if we get to a group Bingo! That's complete fills in a line of five in any direction, including diagonal. What's more, if we get to that group Bingo with four or more creators involved (anywhere on the card!), prompters also get a round of prizes! All fills on the board will get their prizes, not just the bingo-winning line. And if we get to a blackout, with five or more creators involved, every prize is doubled!

What if my filled squares aren't in the bingo line? You'll still get your prizes if we get to them as a group!

What if I win the prize I donated? I'll make a swap for you from an unclaimed square.

As a bonus!

Elizabeth has donated sponsorships for some of her poems and writing; if we get one creator participating, there will be one poem of up to 25 lines, if two creators participate, there will be a second poem up to 40 lines. At three creators, a third poem up to 60 lines will be unlocked, and at four creators, a epic poem is sponsored, and if we have five creators AND a bingo blackout, we will unlock a myth up to 1000 words. There will be a poll of a selection of the available pieces at the close of the Muse Fusion, on Tuesday.

Questions? Ideas? Let me know!

Let's get creatin'!
muse fusion hourglass

Muse Fusion: Call for Prompts!

April's Muse Fusion is quite different from usual - we are doing a group Bingo card... with prizes!

For Monday and Tuesday (April 14 and 15), we are soliciting prompts. Prompts may be Torn World specific (broken time crystals, a stuck snow-unicorn), or general (a special cheese, a blue sky), but should be short; for some Muse Fusions, we encourage lengthy questions, but those won't fit neatly in our Bingo card.

You can see the blank card here, to get a taste for how your prompt will appear: http://www.tornworld.net/bingo.php

You are encouraged to leave between 5 and 10 prompts, here at this post. If you do not have a Livejournal account, you can login using your Facebook identification, or email or message Ellen privately. Prompters will be randomized, then the Bingo card will be filled with one prompt (also random) from each prompter, with a second and third pass until the card is full.

Prompts will be hidden from view (screened) until the Bingo card reveal on Wednesday.

Prizes will be randomly pre-selected for each square, but not revealed until the prompt has been claimed. Each creator may claim only one square at a time! Creator prizes will be unlocked when a bingo is achieved (5 fills in any direction, including diagonal). Prompter prizes are unlocked if four or more creators participate and a bingo is achieved. All fills receive their prizes, not just the bingo row. If we manage a blackout (all squares filled) with 5 or more creative participants, all prizes are doubled! See the specific prizes to see what doubling entails.

You may donate prizes through Tuesday. Currently, prizes include: a 1 month subscription to Torn World, a custom crocheted hat or small item by Mikka, setting rentals, character adoptions and custom writing by K.A. Webb, original artwork, a coloring book, and a portrait web adoption by Ellen, karma, $5 in Torn World credits...

Crowdfunding is encouraged! Once the card is revealed, prompters may offer tips to creators to get their prompts filled, and creators may ask for sponsorships to make their completed works public. (Prompters do get access to any supporter-only work that the create at the Torn World website, if they are registered.)

Questions? Please feel free to ask - I will unhide your comments to answer, so keep them separate from your prompts.

Go! Prompt! Prompts are closed! The card is being created now!
muse fusion press

A different kind of Muse Fusion - next week!

Next week, we're test-driving a new kind of Muse Fusion. Our basic method of asking for prompts and creating material has served us well for several years, but we're going to mix it up a little this time and see if we can't make it more fun for everyone and draw more folks in.

On Monday and Tuesday, we will be soliciting prompts. Leave one prompt, or a handful, either very specific to Torn World, or more general.

On Wednesday, we will be creating a group 'bingo' card of these prompts. Every effort will be made to ensure that each prompter gets an equal number of squares... because you might have the opportunity for prizes, too!

Thursday through Monday, any Torn World creators are welcome to claim and create to any of the prompts. You may only post one claim at a time - you can claim another after you've completed your previous claim. (You may count it as completed if you have a complete draft, even if you'd like to hold on and do an editing or finishing pass before you submit it.)

Each spot on the bingo grid will have a special bonus! Whether that's extra karma, a credit or two, a special service, a paid subscription, a coloring book, or a piece of original artwork - you won't find out what your bonus prize is until you've completed your square and reported it in. No one will 'win' their prizes unless the group as a whole completes a bingo!

There are also several bonus round goals:

  • If the bingo is completed with four or more creators involved, a second set of prizes will be revealed for the person who left the prompts.

  • If we get to a blackout bingo AND five or more creators are involved, everyone's prizes are DOUBLED. (Double karma, double credits, a subscription for twice as long, etc...)

    How to jump in:

    We have a Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/289576467875357/

    You may donate a prize! The prizes are out of my pocket, so far, but if you would like to donate a prize, please let me know before next Wednesday!

    You may leave prompts next Monday and Tuesday at a post there, or at a post mirrored here at Livejournal.

    Starting Thursday, creators may claim one square at a time, at either location. The card will be hosted at this Livejournal and updated with claims and fills.

    Questions? Suggestions?

    Please feel free to leave them here!
  • torn world

    Muse Fusion thoughts...

    I'm looking at my schedule for April and considering a Muse Fusion.

    However, our last Muse Fusion was pretty much a bust - we had three prompters, and one creator, and only one thing to show for it at the end. (Though I personally would still like to get back and make sure each prompter got SOMETHING eventually...)

    I just put together the collection for the March 2011 Muse Fusion and remembering how much fun they used to be! http://www.tornworld.net/fiction.php?id=79

    But there are a lot (a LOT!) of prompted events online now, are people just getting sick of them? Is there some other kind of Muse Fusion we could arrange that would inspire a little creativity? Would you rather have a chat set up where we can brainstorm some plans, or ask questions? Maybe have something where each participant posts a few things they're interested in working on and gets audience input to spur them forward? Is there a better time for folks to get involved? Maybe over a weekend isn't the best timing for us, anymore? (I... have really unreliable amounts of time all over the place, personally, but I think I have a little more time during weekdays than weekends, and I think more people are online over weekdays, too.)

    Throw me some thoughts! The last weekend in April is a special 72 hour Sketch Fest, but the rest of the month is pretty open!